The Sidecar Lounge

101 S Wenatchee Avenue | Wenatchee, Washington 98801

The Sidecar is a mid-century inspired lounge serving tip-top cocktails and small plates in an intimate oasis of simplicity and style. It is a place without pretense, but with plenty of patience and founded firmly on the belief there are two things that should never be compromised: the making of cocktails and the drinking of cocktails.

Our cocktails are subtle and well-balanced. Our bartenders may not wear capes or eagle feathers, but they are dedicated to upholding the classics, focused on new creations and they never cut corners! Our goal is to prove a cocktail tastes best when prepared by people who take pride in a well-made drink.

A bar is what its patrons and community make it. We welcome all to come and feel at home in our bar.