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East Wenatchee Lavender Farmer Joseph Downs Embraces the Community

View of Lavender Estates In April 2016, Joseph Downs stood on his bare ten-acre property in East Wenatchee with tiny lavender starts in his hands. The six-foot eight-inch tall former basketball player had some back-breaking work ahead of him with his new lavender farm to-be. Now, in 2019, the Lavender Estates is a vast field of purple with forty-five variants of lavender nicely established. Altogether, there are one-hundred and seventy-five…

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Wenatchee Area Wine Events in August

Looking for some fun to pair with your wine this month? Check out these events at local Wenatchee and East Wenatchee wineries and tasting rooms. The Wenatchee area is chock full of live music, wine pairing dinners, happy hours and other great events, many within downtown, so you can walk to restaurants or stroll along the river on your night out. Not sure which winery or wine you’ll like the…

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Wenatchee-based poet Susan Blair creates venues for poetry writers and listeners

When Susan Blair moved to Wenatchee from Seattle in 2013, she soon began to miss one thing: an outlet to share and enjoy poetry. She looked high and low to find a group or a place for this genre of writing, but without luck. Blair came to Wenatchee upon retirement and was able to fully immerse herself into her passion for poetry. As for her background, she graduated from Middlebury…

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How to Prepare for your first century ride

Guest post by David@biketrainerworld.com Challenges make life more interesting. As a bike riding enthusiast, aimless cycling gets boring fast and so does biking with your buddies in the neighborhood. A time will come when you will want to go big—like try a century ride. This is no small ride. You will be cycling a whole 100 miles (160.9 kilometers) in one day. As a first-timer, your main concern is making…

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Badger Mountain has more to offer

Dave Quick calls Badger Mountain Brewing his second midlife crisis. If only all midlife crises included serving beer and food to the Wenatchee Valley. After a career in real estate development and construction, Dave Quick bought a gun shop. “That was my first midlife crisis,” he says. He’d been a home brewer for more than 20 years and decided to open a brewery instead of retiring. Dave & Galen “It’s…

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Vegan, Vegetarian and Traditional Meaty Mexican Food at Adrian’s Cuisine

In January 2019, Adrian Samaniego’s lifelong dream came true when he and his wife opened Adrian’s Cuisine on South Mission Avenue. The brightly painted cheery interior to Wenatchee’s newest Mexican restaurant is the culmination of Adrian and his wife Bianca’s hard work in a number of jobs throughout Mexico and the U.S., learning skills that ultimately helped them create a restaurant full of delicious food that’s clearly made with a…

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We are still here.

I was born and raised here in the Wenatchee Valley & now deeply rooted. We have chose to raise our family here and have launched several businesses. It was not uncommon to be singled out as the only Native American in school. Curiosity about the Indigenous culture and if there are any Native Americans still alive, are common questions I am asked. Yes, we are still here. I am a…

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In my 3 thrilling days

Day 1 10AM Make your way downtown to your first destination; Mela Cafe. Sit and people-watch from the large windows lining the storefront as you sip on a hot cup of joe and munch on a bacon breakfast sandwich with a side of scrumptious sweet potato hash. (https://melacoffee.com/). 12PM From Mela take a short 8 minute stroll to Pybus Public Market. Pybus is a fun and festive meeting place created…

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Where is Horse Lake

reposted by permission of Wenatchee Outdoors.org by Shelly Forster In 2006 the Chelan-Douglas Land Trust purchased the Horse Lake Reserve, intending to forever protect the land from development. Visiting the Reserve you can clearly see that the land now belongs to hikers, bikers, and the shrub steppe flora and fauna. And yet, a motley assortment of farm structures sprinkled across the property speaks to the fact that Horse Lake has already felt the touch…

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