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PearUp is a family affair.  Our cider company is run on our family property.  Some of the first pears we press each year come off of remnants of the first pears planted by the family.  Over 100 years old, these trees have had their heart-wood rot out and survived. There are several places a person can reach through the center of the tree with a hand. These trees have been a staple of the property for generations.

100% Pear-Gluten Free-Vegan Friendly-No Added Refined Sugar

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Snowdrift Cider Company – East Wenatchee

277 South Ward Avenue | East Wenatchee, Washington 98802
Specialty hard ciders, crafted by hand in small batches in the heart of Washington apple country.  We craft our ciders from great cider apples that we grow on our orchard in sunny East Wenatchee, WA.

Barns Etc. Hard Cider Shed

5420 Mission Creek Road | Cashmere, Washington 98815

Barns Etc. Hard Ciders are Artisan Hard Ciders hand crafted all natural heirloom apples. English Style Ciders. 
Open: May-October Thursday & Friday 11-5pm, Sat  10-5   
Sun by appointment – please text 509-670-8029 with your desired time to visit and we will respond right away if we are in the area, happy to share our ciders with you!

“Sip Cider and Paint” classes also offered, check the events calendar for more details

Cashmere Cider Mill

5420 Woodring Canyon | Cashmere, Washington 98815

Cashmere Cider Mill serves International award winning artisan cider blends – Non Alcoholic or New English Hard Ciders.

Cider Mill Tasting Room & Guest Suites and wedding venue serving International award winning artisan cider blends- Non Alcoholic or New English Hard Ciders.  Relax while sipping cider by the creek, famous apple butter milkshakes or warm apple pie made onsite.

Manchester Road Cider Company

Mission Street | Wenatchee, Washington 98801

What happens when you get a British cider maker living within the largest apple producing region of the US? A production facility that sits in the heart of Washington’s apple country surrounded with over 170,000 acres of orchards. Locally made cider with the best apples in the world. What truly makes Manchester Road Cider unique is the combination of Washington apples and a British cider maker. with over 30 years of experience enjoying and making cider and growing up here cider originated, our cider maker was inspired by North Central Washington apples to create a modern, refreshing cider that is popular today in British pubs.

Phillippi Ciderhouse & Distillery

1921 Fifth Street | Wenatchee, Washington 98801

After six generations of growing apples, we decided it was time to start drinking them! You could say the apple business drove us to drink, but the reality is that the fruit industry drives us to create.

Coming from a long line of tree fruit innovators who pioneered new varieties, orchard systems, handling techniques, and storage methods since our great-great-great grandparents moved to Wenatchee more than a century ago, it is only natural that we would be at the forefront of the resurgence of those most American of beverages, hard cider and applejack.