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Ice Age Floods Tour

While spending most of my growing-up years in the Wenatchee Valley, I was very familiar with the looks of the geological formations that surrounded me – basalt cliffs, sand and gravel bars in the rivers, ripples of land covered in sagebrush, HUGE boulders in the middle of wheatfields where no other rocks appear.  For years, I never took the time to find out why these formations are where they are. …

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Your Weekend Wandering Guide To Wenatchee

I'm so happy you are coming to Wenatchee, WA for a long weekend of sunshine, outdoor fun, wine tasting, and time to unwind!  You won't need to pack your umbrella for this trip, just a pair of shades and sunscreen to protect you from the 300 days average sunshine per year that keeps this region Washington's #1 playground.   Eastern Washington's sun beckon's everyone to come explore its mountains, forests, lakes, rivers,…

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The Reluctant Birder

I have fostered an irrational fear of birds for the majority of my life. Maybe it's because I saw Hitchcock's The Birds at a young age and it scarred me for life . . . or at least the first few decades of my life. However, after moving to the Wenatchee Valley ten years ago, I've slowly been warming up to our feathered friends. It started with the two great…

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Burgeoning Mountain Biking Mecca

When my husband Toby and I, both avid mountain bikers, moved to the Wenatchee area ten years ago, we lucked out. We were quickly connected with a group of riders who met weekly to ride locally. Although the group has since dissolved, through it we became familiar with the many trails in the area and I’m grateful to call several previous members my good friends. Sometimes it’s hard to move…

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Spring Break Day Camp Round-Up

The Wenatchee Valley is brimming with opportunities to keep your kids occupied during Spring Break this year. Whether you have a little scientist, athlete, artist or explorer in your home, there is a bit of something for everyone. Don’t let those brains sit idle--check out some of the local offerings: “Sewapalooza” April 3rd-6th, 9am-3:30pm (classes and times split) Wenatchee Valley Museum & Cultural Center www.wenatcheevalleymuseum.org/event/sewapalooza/ The WVMCC is always coming…

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World Class Birding in Wenatchee

Who are these people, bundled in parkas, trudging along the Columbia River in  Wenatchee in 28 degree winter weather, toting cameras, spotting scopes, and guidebooks? They’re birders, of course.  They start at Walla Walla Point Park and walk northerly through the Horan Natural Area at the confluence of the Wenatchee and Columbia Rivers, searching the river banks for blue-winged teal. They see the line-up of Great Blue Herons hunching their…

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Why You Should Get Married in NCW

  It is no wonder North Central Washington has become a hot spot for young couples to say “I do”.  The surrounding majestic mountains, lakeside views, picturesque wineries, high desert sunsets, and an average 300 days of sunshine per year in NCW has made this region a sought after venue to get married, honeymoon, AND for guests to have an amazing  get-away. Only 2.5 hours away from Seattle or Spokane,…

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In The Words of Wenatchee – A call For Submissions

I am not native to the Wenatchee Valley. I moved here Nov. 2016 without ever having stepped foot in Washington State. In my relatively short amount of time in the area, I’ve noticed something quite profound that I haven’t seen so readily elsewhere. This area is teeming with creative minds; but I’ve also noticed how unheard many of these unique voices are. I’ve met writers who never publish and poets…

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Five Favorite Winter Activities

Five Favorite Winter Activities The recreational opportunities in the Wenatchee Valley are so extensive that it’s sometimes tough to decide what activity to pursue on any given day. What a great problem to have, right? If I’m looking for something new to try or somewhere new to explore, I head to the guidebooks on the WenatcheeOutdoors website. There, I can do some quick searches sorting by activity, rough location, and…

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Cabernet Sauvignon king of Washington Wine

The king of Washington wine is, unabashedly, Cabernet Sauvignon. The state’s most famous wines are Cabernet Sauvignon, and now it’s the state’s most-planted variety and annually the biggest crop. Last year along, winemakers brought in more than 70,000 tons of Cab grapes alone. That’s more than every single grape combined in the state as recently as 2008. Ste. Michelle Wine Estates, of course, is driving new plantings each year and alone bottles…

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