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Wenatchee Brewers Row emerges along Columbia River Waterfront

A trio of craft breweries in Wenatchee have taken up Our Valley, Our Future
on its recommendation and decided to start the community’s first brewery district.
Wenatchee Brewers Row includes Badger Mountain Brewery, Columbia Valley Brewery and
Wenatchee Valley Brewery. All the breweries are located near the Columbia River waterfront
and within walking distance of each other.
The idea for the crafty brewery district came from residents during Our Valley, Our Future’s
community outreach work in 2015-16. The district is one of 149 action items in the Our Valley
Action Plan, released last November.
“We’ve started the district as a way to cast a spotlight on the great quality tastes, styles and
presentations found at each of the craft breweries,” said Wenatchee Valley Brewing owner Dan
Bass. “We looked at each other and said, ‘Why not us?’”
Wenatchee Brewers Row will officially kick off its formation with a release party from 4 to 7 p.m.,
Oct.19, at the Wenatchee Valley Visitors Center, 137 N. Wenatchee Ave.
The breweries will hold their own individual launch events over the following three days — with
Columbia Valley on tap for Oct. 20, Badger Mountain for Oct. 21 and Wenatchee Valley for Oct.
Taking advantage of the close proximity to each other, the Wenatchee Brewers Row district is
putting together an “ale trail” map. Locals and visitors who stop by each brewery and get the
map stamped will receive a commemorative stainless steel pint glass at the last stop on the ale
trail: the tap house at the Wenatchee Valley Visitors Center.
Local officials who have privy to the district’s formation say it has the potential to boost
waterfront redevelopment and to allow more entrepreneurs to take advantage of the craft beer
trend. Brewers Row is interested in expanding in East Wenatchee and up the Wenatchee
Badger Mountain Brewing manager Ceann Lee anticipates Brewer’s Row growing and attracting
additional investment.
“The more people know, the better off we all are. And hopefully a few more local brewers will
open their own brewery doors and join the efforts of beer craftsmanship in the area,” Lee said.
Some also expect the district will create more of a vibe for the community. Bass said
Wenatchee Brewers Row is already talking about putting on several events and activities each
year, and geared to both locals and visitors.
“Our opportunities are endless,” he said.
Funding to help establish Wenatchee Brewers Row came from the Our Valley, Our Future small
grants program, the Wenatchee Tourism Promotion Area group, and the breweries themselves.
The Wenatchee Valley Chamber of Commerce has provided in-kind support. Our Valley
facilitated planning meetings.
The Brewers Row logo was created by Wenatchee graphic designer Lars Ringsrud. It features
an osprey, whose local habitat includes areas along the Columbia and Wenatchee rivers.
“The idea for including the osprey in the logo arose during our planning meetings,” said Steve
Maher, Our Valley project coordinator. “It’s such a natural as it captures our sense of place.
From craft beer to old industrial areas to recreation and wildlife, Wenatchee Brewers Row truly
highlights the community’s finest.”
Columbia Valley Brewery, 538 Riverside Drive, is Wenatchee’s oldest commercial brewery,
opening in 2012 adjacent to Riverfront Park. Badger Mountain Brewery, 1 Orondo Ave.,
followed in 2013 in an old fruit warehouse building in downtown Wenatchee. And Wenatchee
Valley Brewing, 108 E. Island View St., opened its doors in 2016 after converting an old house
next to Riverfront Park.