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Our Story: Voortex Journeys

Over the years with Voortex Productions, my crew and I have spent a lot of time on the road; cameras in hand and ready for unexpected opportunities. Up before the sun, we capture the world through it’s best hues: the blues, the golds, the calm. We are always awestruck by the subtle beauty we find in seemingly random places. We come home and share our excitement with our family, friends and clients – telling them how much we wish we could experience some of the magic with them. An image is a window into a story. It offers emotions and reflection but is absent of the first hand experience. With each film that we create at Voortex Productions, we attempt to capture authentic experiences as best we can using the tools at our disposal, but nothing can ever replace actually being there. With Voortex Journeys, our hope is to bring people into a live environment to witness stories first hand as they unfold,  and teach them how to capture those experiences to share with others.

Anybody with a touch of wanderlust or desire to see the world through a different lens can join us for a journey, to create your own story, and experience some of the discoveries of the natural world. You can come on a journey to connect with others, with nature, and hopefully, ultimately, with yourself.

One client we have always loved to work with at Voortex Productions is The Cascade Loop Association. We had the opportunity to do a piece for them exploring “Washington’s Ultimate Road trip” and had a great time making it. Today they have become an essential partner, as many of our Journeys are along some or all of the Cascade Loop. The 440 mile loop is really something special. It has so much variety of landscape and wildlife, as well as numerous great accommodations, eateries, activities and parks along the way. Through this partnership, we are continually looking for new things Found on the Cascade Loop to share with you. In addition, as an Image Master of Tamron Lenses, we are proud to be able to offer a whole kit of demo lenses for guests on a Journey to be able to try out.

We love seeing the world through a photographic lens, and are honored to have the opportunity to share some of our knowledge and passions with you. We invite you to join us and experience the magic of a journey.

-Charley Voorhis, Owner
Voortex Journeys/Voortex Productions/Voortex Live